Biomes are areas that have been sealed off individually via Barriers specifically designed to contain the inhabitants and environments within. Due to the uniqueness of each barrier, ZOISpheres were created as keys to the Data Gates that connect each Biome. The Data Gates can be used by anyone and anything when open, however the data stored in the ZOISpheres is only accessible by those who have Influence over Data.

Data Gates

Data Gates are like portals that offer transportation between the Biomes, due to the massive Null that lies between most of them. They can only be locked and unlocked by the select few who hold Influence over Data and who have obtained the digital keys located inside the ZIOSpheres. However, generally, most Data Gates remain open for public use due to the Trade Routes, which are necessary for the survival of many Biomes.


ZIOSpheres are literally 'spheres of life', that hold tiny ecosystems within a glass and metal, spherical container. The ecosystem within ZIOSpheres will always mimic the Biome they hold a key to. With the upper half of the dome in glass, the micro-habitat inside is easily viewable. The lower half of the sphere is made of metal and houses a small computer that stores the key code inside, accessible via cables or ejecting the Data Disk.

ZIOSpheres themselves can be used at Data Gate Terminals, which are designed to accept the bottom half of the dome-shaped computer on a ZIOSphere. This, however, is dangerous and not reccommend, as transportation of the ZIOSphere increases the odds of damage via transportation. It is highly urged that ZIOSpheres remain in their designated temples at all times.

List of Biomes

Biome Basic Description
Aether "I had to protect him. I had to. And when I couldn't give him the world, I swore I'd give him everything else.
'So I gave him my soul." - Alpha
The Pantheon was created as a safe haven for Alpha. It is completely uncorrupted and uninfluenced by the rest of the world, including
Atlas Mainframe
Chloris Biome City: Pátra

A paradise and beach bordering a desert

Erebus Biome "Nothing is there except ghosts of what once was."
Eris Biome City: Elefsina
Eros Biome Cities: Delfoí, Kórinthos

Mountains and Jungles

Mneme Biome This land is littered with the crystal graves of fallen characters from The Great City's destruction. The Cystal Crypts were created as a home for these graves specifically, but since have been accepted as a home for many of the deceased.
Nemesis Cities: Megalopolis

The Great Valley was once known as The Great City, also known as Megalopolis, before it's obliteration. Ranking as the most populated and resource-rich biome, losing almost the entire population and city had a severe impact on the well-being of everyone.

Within The Great City was once The Agora, a magnificent marketplace for all those who ventured to sell or buy wares, which doubled as the headquarters for storing and transfering many various goods.

Nessa Biome City: Krýoméros
Proteus Biome City: Édessa
Thenatos Vault
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